Interesting day yesterday! 

Some days I get worked up over things. Some days it’s a challenge to do things. Wednesday was my day. 

Swimming lesson was a bit challenged. But I made it out alive. But with summer academy I have to race out to beat the crazy parking lot.

I thought I had counseling which it turn out that i didn’t. Little stress in getting ready for concert. Got to venue early. Surprise!!! Had good concert. 

After concert boyfriend and I got food. Oh man this was great. Went through drive and messed up the kids working. Every employee needs to be pranked. 

This was my day 

Out of no where

Out of no where comes 4 extra teachers for swimming. Out of no where I felt so happy. 

I’m hoping that we get more kids. I love teaching. So much that I hate to sit on the sideline. But is the way ball bounces when numbers are down 

10 Monday’s left

10 Monday’s left of this summer. I want to savor it like a hot coffee on a cold winter day. 

10 Monday’s left of this summer and I want to cherish each one. Cause each one is different an unquic. 

10 Monday’s left of this summer pack with different things. Not like the last 9 months. 

What are you doing this summer? 

I can do it! 

I can do it! 

This is my mantra with the kids I teach lessons to. I had two kids that were a bit nervous being in the water. 

I can do it!

One student goes to one elementary schools in the district. I got him to calm down by connecting with him about his favorite things. 

I can do it! 

Another is from the school I work at. Right away he wanted to go potty. I told him no and just like recess. You have to go before you get in the pool. 

I can do it!

I got challenge tonight at lessons. I’m thankful that I get challenge but can’t wait to move to the upper levels and grow. 

Stormy Sunday 

The weather is going to be interesting today. Much of the state is affected. I’ll be driving thru it in a hour or so. 

I have gotten better with storms. They use to create lot of stress and anxiety. I admitte I was the first one to freak out over it. 

I think after going to a weather watcher class a few years back helped. I keep my eye on the sky and watch for changes.