Mi Familia

My family comes all over the world. I want to highlight salsa music from Colombia. I love salsa music because it gets me moving! Good work out and good dancing too. Here is a link to listen some salsa on YouTube. 

40 years ago on August 16. 

There was this man who was king of rock an roll. He passed away in his home in Graceland. 

40 years ago this month, a Minnesota single lady was going to meet her daughter the first time. She wanted a family and she saw a picture of the little girl. She went to South America to meet her. There she became a mom who travel all the way from Minnesota.

Every where in the world people were mourning the king of music. The king has left the building, but my mom hasn’t left me. I love you mom! 

3 old pictures 

Ok they are not that old but I haven’t talked about these photos since I started my blog. 

Here I go! 

 The first picture is of the local coffee house in Columbia Heights, Mn. I love going there!!! My hair actually dark! Lol 

The second photo is from Sea Life Aquarium in Bloomington, Mn. That was a fun trip. Double thumbs up if you have kids under  the age of 13. 

The last one is my best from Highschool. Carrie means a lot to mean. Her family just to the St. Cloud area. She is closer but I still have yet to see her this summer. Boo!!! 

Well this was not that difficult at all to do! Until next time. Have a great day. 

Healthy Journey ~ Entry 0006

I’m getting better at eating less of the sugary stuff. Or drinking it for that matter. I have been trying to move more too. Which is good because I’m not as stiff going to bed and such. 

My moods have been ok. Need to practice more relaxing habits. How are you doing? What are you changing?