Productive night

My office viewI worked on these now for more emails!


A little randomness

This morning I was just giggling over some photos on my camera. And I could not stop. Others just made me smile.

Here I go in sharing these photos: Sometimes you need to cheer yourself by acting goofy. That has cross my mind. Hi Slow MoCaught ya hunour ritual set up.

The daily Prompt

The word of the day is: Identical.

Where I work there is at least 3 sets of twins. And 2 sets of identical twins. It took me a while to get to know them so I could tell them apart.

I would like some things to be identical. Like another set of keys or shoes. Some out fits I wear. But I’m not sure if I want identical twin. Why you ask. Cause I like being the only clone. To be me and enjoy life.