Hard day in the water

I need to rely on the man upstairs for I teach swimming. Today was hard. For me and the students. One student told me he was on station 6. But in reality he is on station 5. 

I pushed him really hard. I am glad it was a lesson that I needed to learn. Been getting out of my comfort zone and teach the higher levels. 

That was this morning. This evening was interesting too. Two seperate lesson both challenging for me. 

First child was giving parent a hard time. Crying and giving parent a fit about taking his shirt off. I walked over. Said leave it on. We are going on in to swim. When we got in. It was another struggle and crying. Told the child I wasn’t going to give into demands. He was going to have to work with me. Once he realize that, I could work better with him. 

Another 4 year old boy was a handful. All serious and not listening. I busted out my silliness and challenge him a bit.

Two extreme kids. One tired 41 year old young chick. Have a great day. 


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