Who would you write to and why? 

At first I thought my answers would be very easy. I could write down 5 names. No problem. 

But then there was one question I had to ask. Why do I want to write to my 5 on my list. 

Here is my list: 

  1. Grandma Estella. 
  2. My birth parents. 
  3. Bethany in T Stan,
  4. Sarah in Russia. 
  5. A new pen pal 

My reason. Well, for my Grandma in heaven would be nice to hear from now. Getting  some good life nuggets. 

For my birth parents why? And medical information.  Want to know my culture to. Family traditions would be nice. 

For my two friends in different parts of the world. The living a great example of life. They inspire me and I want be more like them. 

Lastly someone new would be great to know. Something about connecting the old fashion way.  It gets me excited.  


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