Daily Adventure!!!

My daily adventure took me to bring my boyfriend to his diabetic education. When we walked the receptionist were shock I was there. Not me I said. Well this time anyways. It turns out that my boyfriend got the day mixed up. That was fine since we needed to head to the pharmacy which is right next door.

My boyfriend had fun telling jokes to the folks at both places. After we left, we went to get gas. Couple of my favorite workers were working. I got picked on. But we had a good laugh.

We took a detour and delivered coffee to my boyfriend sister. She wasn’t feeling to hot to get it herself. We had a good giggle with coffee guys.

On our way back home we stop at Aldi’s. I need some caffeine and it was cheaper to get it there. I like shopping there.

Finally at home. My boyfriend got some stuff done before he took a nap. I’m resting on the couch and searched for dentist and eye dr. I will call them tomorrow. I have one week off before I go back to work. Better get it in.


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