Crush it

What can one can of a flatten Mountain Dew do for your motivation? A lot.

The other day I was on my big walk of the week. Alone beating to my own music when I had to make a pit stop. I saw the crush can. I thought to myself “awe man they can pick up this can to recycle.” I was going to walk by cause I didn’t even throw it on the ground. Not my re… Then I stopped and turn around and picked up the crush can.

I thought for a brief moment that I can do positive things today. I can pick this can up and throw it away. I can make healthy decision and work this walk really hard.

It was all I needed to keep on going. Truth be told I walked the farthest ever. I just done 23,000 steps 2 days prior. Getting another 20,000 would be fantastic! I got 26,000 plus steps. Pretty good but iam going to wait to talk to dr about doing more of those work outs till I can figure one health issue investigated.

Go get things crush in life. It’s endless in the impact you can make.


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