What did you say?

I have had hearing issues for a long. Until recently I went and got them check. Nervous about the out come. Totally thought I could get some other options than hearing aide.

Dissapointment came in play. This was in July. So I had to wait 4 weeks to get my molds of my ears done. Then wait another four to get the hearing aides. Now I have to wait 2 more weeks.

I walked in yesterday not wanting someone prodding and poking and such around my ears. This is the last area on my body that is overly sensitive. I did it with my best friend. Thank you Ross. We walked out with no hearing aides. I cried. I really shed q tear. I didn’t want one but know that I need for life and I can move on.

Oh there is more to the story as it develops. Until check your batteries of life.


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