What is your role?

What is your role today? I been seeing on my news feed lately. Today it struck me like a band aide. It didn’t want to leave me till I roll with the thought.

I want to thank a fellow blogger and friend who has posted this on his Facebook. I hadn’t want to think about this cause I wanted to be selfish honestly.

Myers there is yes when we want to take it have potty parties. Honestly who wants to hang around those type of people. Not many.

I thought about it more. What is my role? To be a friend who is spotted in the store. We stop and chatted. That was refreshing to catch up briefly, I hadn’t seen her since the summer production of The Drowsy Chaperon. I wrote a few letters and post cards. Then I drop it the mailbox. That also felt good too.

I have multiple rolls today and it’s not over. Whether it’s big or small you have a role. Thank Jcs


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