My 4oth Birthday

Part in being so busy is that I just turn 40 over the weekend. And I had loads of fun. The celebration hasn’t stop yet and it is Tuesday.

Friday night I spent time with my family at a fabulous restaraunt. Yummy. Rodizo Grill in Maple Grove, MN is worth a great trip if you are in the Twin Cities. I had gotten some amazing cards that made laugh, cry and put a smile on my face.

Saturday I went to Discover Aviation Days at the Anoka County Airport in Blaine. That was fun to do. I ran into a few people I knew. I went in the morning and I was glad that the weather hold off till I got home. In the evening, my younger brother and his family took me to the Lynx basketball game. I had a blast! They won and now 7-0 record. I see champs again. 🙂

Sunday was church time and friends from church took me out for lunch. I had an excellent time catching up with them. Then a little r and r time in the afternoon.

Monday I get into work and what do I see? A big card, balloon, and flowers from the kids I work with. Oh my can I give them all high 5. That was great surprize. Later on at Toastmasters, I got a balloon, candy, and a card. My club even sang to me. Ha ha … that was great.



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