Its the weekend

It is the weekend and it is jam packed. Or it feels like that. I just need one day where I can rest.

Friday night my brother and his two kids over. IT was fun listening them play while I was cleaning. Which reminds me I still need to continue that.

Saturday morning I taught swimming lesson. Boy do I need a work out more. I had a kid who just did not want to swim at all all. My arms and chest hurt from her climbing all over me and wailing the whole time. I am shocked that she didn’t leave any marks on me.  Saturday afternoon, I emcee Future Problem Solver Senior Division. Man that was fun.

Then Saturday night was my family Easter dinner celebration. I sat back and listen to all the chatter. Man, I thought I was the talker in the family. Nope I am not it.

Today I went to church. Heard a good message and then went to brunch. Had yummy french toast. I guess I could of made it myself. But I didn’t want to make the mess at home at all.

After I came home I took a much need nap and then I started my work. Holy buckets. Yes it never stops for me. I went the local Caribou coffee shop. My phone was about to die so I was trying to get to a plug in to charge it and connect for a few things I needed. To my luck a guy swiped the place before I could even take two steps over there. Grr.. Oh well. Such is life.

Went and got dinner and the only plug in the lobby was being used. Grr …. Oh well that means I need to get home right? Right.

Got a shower in and about to head to bed soon. After I clean and quiet time. Have a great evening.


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