The following post today is from The Daily Prompt. No instruction.

As I ponder about the word colorful, my mind races all over. It describes something or someone. I could think all day about this.

Okay, okay I can think all weekend about this. And what a good weekend to do so. I saw so many colorful things on my out and about. I enjoyed looking at the colorful stain glass behind cross that was lit up this morning. Sometimes people words are colorful.

Then it hit me. I thought about me. Whooo, I mean, do I really love colorful things? Do I really enjoy color? How about people who use poor word choices? Do I love them any less? I know it is heavy. It made me stop right in my tracks.


Cause I have lived a shelter life. I get rattle d easily if I don’t like something. I tend to judge before getting to know. I like things in a certain way. I began to think why am like this. Have I ever gotten to know that guy who loves to show off his underwear. Have I really approached him and ask why does wear a belt for those over sized pants? Did he lose that much weight that he hasn’t learn to use that belt to hold his clothes in place? Is it culture and fashion rather than weight.

You see this is colorful. Because life is about colorful. About how we see things. Dress our self in clothing and words. Now that this has open my mind about the difference, I need to be bold and confront these things that I see. Sometimes it is scary to venture out in different color. And get to know those who can splash a little color on me.


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