My, my where did March Go?

I am surprised and I am not. This month has been busy and the last few days spent in bed because I got sick. Not fan but realize I do need rest and water. I have been feeling better today. So I got a few things done so far. And I will take it easy after an errand that I need to do.

Before I do I wanted to up day some things that happen this week. Monday I had a great night at Toastmaster. I was really getting excited about the speech and I thought I had it in the time frame that I was suppose to have. Ops. NOT!!! Typically when a speech is called for certain time in a manual you need to follow it or ask for more time. I didn’t because I thought I had it in the time was given. I thought I didn’t have enough. I think I gotta learn something here on this.

Tuesday was the Area 23 and 26 competition for Toastmaster. My friend and I both competed but in different areas. We both wanted to win our area and together. Funny thing is she won in the International Speech competition and I in Table Topics.

Sad thing is that I wasn’t feeling the greatest both Monday and Tuesday. I plugged away not realizing that I would come down with the flu on Wednesday. Oh well, such is life.

Now for better things. Since this is the first day of a new month. I plan on writing a little more this month and bring you the adventures that I take. I can’t wait to share with you all in what I am doing.

That is a wraps for now. Talk to you soon.


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