Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. He has risen. I spent the day with my church family. Then brought two ladies home. Had lunch and then worked on work stuff. Now I gotta work on Toastmaster speech for tomorrow. Never ends.

I had gone to Saturday service at a church I normally don’t go to. It felt weird to sit all alone in a pew. I sat in the middle thinking people would want to sit with me. I am average looking nice type of girl. 🙂 I will have to go again soon and see if it just a fluke that it happen.

I didn’t spend time with family because everyone else is married and went to the other side of their families for this special day. How do you celebrate it? On the day with family or when it is convenient?

I do have to admit though, I do miss 5 people today. I wish that I could spend time with them. First of all I miss my grandparents and spending time at the farm. I miss hanging out with my cousin and flying kites. But families grow and I miss them even more since I don’t get to see them much at all.

I miss 3 of my friends over seas. I wish I could cook them a great meal. Sit and chat about what is going on in their life right now. And then give them a big hug. I miss you B and V, and Crystal S.

This is my Sunday on one of the most important days of my life. Take care now…


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