Spring Break

Spring Break is full swing for me. Last Friday was teacher in service. I went in and picked up a few items. Took the rest of the day and relaxed. I felt so much better. I am glad I did that because I was kind of stress out.

Saturday I taught lessons and did little errands before I went to a friend house. It was fun to meet up with some friends I had not seen in a while. Single and the youngest there was very interesting. LOL

Sunday was fun too. I went to church. Met up with a fellow Toastmaster and showed her around and met her sister. Then, off to a campaign for house in my Senate District. I even got to talk to few people and practice some skills that I learn from Toastmaster. It was nice day for it.

Monday came and I did the dead. I cleaned out the car and took it for an oil change. Minnesota weather was nice enough for me to have it washed. Yahoo! It is sure coming in  like a lamb. Does this mean it will exit like a lion? Stay tune for that.

Now it is Tuesday and I had me time. Time to get some stuff done and then head to rehearsal tonight. 🙂


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