Pity Party Train Get OUT of Town

This week has been hard. Last Friday I went to the doctor. I found out that it was true. I had a really bad case of Sinus and Allergies. Yuck o. Did I mention now I am taking 3 or 4 medications a day. I don’t like taking that many at any given time. But now it is for at least 14 days. I do have a follow up visit with my doctor later this month.

I have been trying so long to not bring this down. But there was a pity party train coming. Health broke down and stress went up. I almost broke in front of kids. To tell you the truth, I didn’t like it. I cried.

Then I thanked some of the awesome people that showed me some awesomeness. I never had that experience. Being genuine and thanking them for letting them be me. I had made a promise that I needed to relax and chill. If I didn’t feel better by the time I got to school to pick things up at school. It was okay to call the doctor and get seen.

When I woke up. I felt peace floating around me. No stress, no head ach. And much more to relax. Went to school and got the things I needed to do. I left. I made sure that the rest of the day I chilled. No work today.

Where do I go for such relief and thanking my abba? COMO ZOO! Of course. I took pictures and had a great day. I even ran into a kid from Friendship Connection.

You see I cried out. I laid it on the line. I know I am not healed yet. But I think spring break will help out. Other things in my daily walk will help out too. The battle is not over but I know who is on my side.

Catch you soon my dear readers. Have a great one!


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