One way ticket to ….

I started from Mounds View, MN to Danube, MN. I travel this based on the number of miles I walked in the month of January. I had about 13 miles to spare.

The month of February I walked 165 miles. I walked a whole 6 miles more than January. I traveled out to the town of Albert Lea. Albert Lea is about 149 miles east of Danube and 90 miles south of the Twin Cities. Albert Lea was named after Albert Miller Lea. He had survey the area and thus named after him.

I found this on wikipedia interesting:

“The city’s early growth was based upon agriculture, farming support services and manufacturing and was a significant rail center. At one time it was the site of Cargill‘s headquarters. Other manufacturing included Edwards Manufacturing (barn equipment), Scotsman Ice Machines, Streater Store fixtures, and Universal Milking Machines. Like many U.S. towns much of the manufacturing base has diminished. A long-time center of the city’s job opportunity was the Wilson & Company meat packing plant, later known as Farmstead and Farmland. This facility was destroyed by fire in July 2001. The largest employer is currently Mayo Clinic Health System with over 1,500 employees.”

This would be a drive for me some day to take pictures and look around. It has couple lakes and parks too. I love the great outdoors. I may have to put it on my bucket list to do this year.


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