ABC Challenge

Getting my writing flow and word usage going. I am going to enlist one of my favorite activities. That is right, the ABC Challenge.

This time I am going to have to challenge myself a little different. I have to find words that are more than 5 letters to jot down in this challenge.

A is for Adventure

B is for Beginner

C is for Careful

D is for Delightful

E is for Earning

F is for Friendship

G is for Greatness

H is for Harmony

I is for Interest

J is for Jumping

K is for Kindergartner

L is for Laughter

M is for Machinest

N is for Northern

O is for Organist

P is for Perfectionist

Q is for Questioning

R is for Revealing

S is for Singleness

T is for Temptation

U is for Underneath

V is Visionary

W is for Wealth

X (Blank)

Y is for Young

Z is for Zebra

There I did it. I only had one blank. Which isn’t bad at all. X is kind of hard any ways. It likes to stand alone.


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