25 things about me

A friend of mine who I met thru MVCT wanted more of 25 things about me and less selling on facebook. I took that challenge and started post on facebook. Then I stop and said to myself I can do this on my blog instead creating a long post on facebook.

Here you go Megan H. But here is the catch. Once I have finish writing the 1 to 2 liners. I want to actually go back and follow up with each and everyone. 🙂 Yes this can be a long blog today. But that is okay.

1. I love teaching swimming lesson. I love teaching just about anything I know to anyone. Specially kids. I just found out one of my kids just passed a station at swim lesson on Feb. 20. I am totally happy about that.

2 Today lesson was hard in the pool. Some days are going to be tough. Couple Saturdays I had a screaming kid. But just kept going and look what happen yesterday. (see #1)

3. I love drumline competition. I love music and I love drumline. I am not a great drummer and can appreciate what they have to do to get ready for competition.

4. I love Color guard competition. I used to dance and I love watching this so much.

5. I love sports at all levels.

6. I AM SINGLE! I am learning to love that statement. It hasn’t being easy to learn that but I am after someone heart and I know that some day I will have a mate.

7. I love relaxing Saturday.

8. I love quiet weekends.

9. I love being around people. I have my time to be in public and time to be in my dungeon.

10. Camera is my friend. Both behind the lens and front of it. It has been a journey of loving myself. (See #6)

11. Look forward to each Monday night Toastmaster night. I am becoming a better communicator, listener, and leader because of this group.

12. I miss my nieces and nephews.

13. Love spring, summer, and fall.

14. Hate allergies

15. Love live theater.

16. Love connecting with random infant and toddlers when I am out and about. Is always a joy of my day when I can get infants and toddlers to smile and interact. Some parents are in awe because their child is having fun with a stranger.

17. This is going to be a fun challenge. Thank you Megan for suggesting it.

18. I don’t like to be alone much.

19. I miss my family when I am at work.

20. Love making people laugh. I can’t stay sad to long. I love to make myself giggle at times.

21. Love my music friends. Miss a bunch from SNLVB.

22. Want to perform solo at Benson Great Hall someday.

23. I have a story to tell you.

24. I want to hear my grandparents voices again.

25. I want to speak to the biggest crowd I can. So I can say that I got over speaking in front of the biggest crowd and cross it off my bucket list.

There you go. I have done it. I know I have more and will save it for future date.



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