Manisetti … a Date Night

Friday night I went on a date by myself. I went to a little place in Vandis Heights, MN on the way home from work. I had worked late and I wanted something to eat.
I had stop by at this place before but it was very quiet place. I thought I jinx it. I thought I better come back and check it out again to see if it was true. You know what? It was busy. Very, very busy to say the least. I plopped down in a both across from where I sat before. On the other side there was 4/5 booth filled and about 15 people total. Wow this is way more than the 3 people including me that was here before.
As I was people watching, I notice a man about my age. I was trying to work up an excuse to go over and talk to him. I was trying to come with an excuse to make the little shuffle over there. The next moment I knew that he had a female friend sitting across from him. Insert sad face. A few moments later there was a commotion in there booth. She had spilled wine all over. I almost laugh out loud. Not because she spilled it but I would of done that on my date too. I am a cluts too and too often. They were on a double date now with another couple.
I had a wonderful meal. I had lasagna and turtle cheesecake. I thought I would keel over in pain because I had to much cheese. (I am lactose intolerant. Some days are good and others not so much). The cool part is I wrote some in my journal and I actually stayed under my calories.
All in all I will go back to the place. My date was fun and who knows who I will run into. Have a great day!


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