101 questions kid at school

The 101 questions I hear all the way from one room to the next from one kid can be interesting. When do we lose it? Or do we really loose it?

I have been pondering this as of late. 101 question kid. Always come up with many questions every day and not the same question. I wish I have gotten a nickel he had asked a question. I think someone would get rich.

Here are some examples of his questions:

  1. Are you pregnant?
  2. When are you going to have a baby?
  3. Why does your ears move when you talk?
  4. Why does your eye brows move when you talk?
  5. Are you a boy?
  6. Are you a grandma?
  7. Are you a mom?
  8. Why do you don’t have kids?
  9. Do you bike here (to school)?
  10. Do you walk to school?
  11. How come your hair looks like it’s wet?
  12. Is your hair really wet?
  13. Why are cows not in zoos?
  14. Did you go to the Rodeo?
  15. Why didn’t you go to the Rodeo?
  16. Did you know that monkey’s ride horses in the Rodeo?
  17. Why do you have lines around your eyes?
  18. Where do you live?
  19. Do you live close to school?
  20. What is your city called again?

I love it that he ask questions. And I try to remind them to ask all the questions before our group time and after.

When I try to go and answer the questions truthfully I tend to be honest. I try to keep it short and sweet. But the pregnancy question, mommy question, and grandma question is kind of funny to answer the question. I just tell him it is not time for me to have a baby and I can’t be a grandma till my baby grows up and has a baby.

Have you ever been around kids who asked 101 questions? What was the silliest question you were asked?


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