Sudden Shifts

From the Daily Prompt posting.

You’re at the beach with some friends and/or family, enjoying the sun, nibbling on some watermelon. All of the sudden….

We were on the beach of Lake Calhoun last weekend nibbling on watermelon. Glen and I were enjoying the sun set. All of the sudden we were caught by our fellow Toastmaster friend Harold and his wife Sarah.

Harold looked confused but shocked to see us. “What are you two doing here?” asked Harold

“Well, um, Courtney and I are on a a a…” as he was saying this his face turned red and he looked down. Glen knew what Harold would say. Or he thought he knew what he was going to say.

Harold gesture to Glen “You told me that you had an important meeting tonight and you couldn’t join us for walk and game night!” Then he turn to me and said “You had some quality time with your camera. Where is that young lady?”

I had to giggle as I actually pulled it out. It was true, I had it with me. I smiled but I didn’t want to say we were on the date because this was new for both Glen and I. Call me old fashion but I wanted to see if it was a bonifed date. That I was his.

“I am sorry Harold. I should of told you the truth last week. Courtney and I are on our first date. Well, I didn’t want many Toastmaster friends to know. We have been trying to plan this date for a month or so now.” Replied Glen. “Can I have a moment with you in um, private.” asked Glen.

I looked at him… “Glen, 2 ums and one stutters. That calls for a free soda. :)”  Glen chuckled and the men took a little walk.

Sarah looked at me and had that give me details look. I replied back… “it’s too early to tell… To be continued in warmer weather…


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