One way ticket to Danube, MN

Last month I laid out a goal. Each month I try to walk as many miles. Then I would have to look up a city that I could fit those miles into. My first city that I can walk to is Danube, Minnesota.  This is a town where my great grandparents, my grandparents, and my mom came from.

I did a quick look up on wikepedia to find more information on the town. I know how to get out there. That is pretty easy but the history I didn’t know much about.  I have copied and pasted for you to read about their annual event.

Annual cultural events

Danube Fun Days, the city’s annual celebration, is an extended weekend with lots of traditional events taking place during the second weekend in July. The Wednesday night ice cream social at the United Methodist Church kicks off the celebration and always draws a good turnout. For the athletes, Fun Days hosts one of the area’s best volleyball tournaments and a softball tournament. The parade typically draws 50+ floats and is a favorite for the locals. There is also a flea market in the park and a treasure hunt in which a medallion is hidden and the finder gets a prize. The street dance brings live music to town and ropes off a beer garden with burgers and hot dogs. After the band calls it a night, the younger adults typically find themselves at one of the many late-night house parties hosted throughout town. Fun Days serves as a homecoming of sorts for many of the city’s former residents and a great chance to catch up with some long-lived camaraderie.

I remember loving to go to town during this time when my grandparents around. I don’t remember the parade but the Ice Cream social was a big hit. I learned a little today.

Danube is still much a farming community and I am lucky to know that they are some of the best people in the state. Please check back in month of March to see where I am headed off to. I walked 145 miles last month. I am hoping to walk more this month. Danube is under the mileage from where I am located.


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