So much to do in so little time. I do feel partly accomplish though today. I went to church today and picked up a gal on the way. Saw my church family and helped out with coffee. Because my coffee server was not there. Then heard an another amazing message. It must of had my name all over it. Then drop the gal I picked up off at her house.

For lunch I tried a new place. Nong Thai Cuisine. It was okay. I like the mid spice. I may go back there.

After lunch I went on a wild goose chase finding an office depot close to home. Forgetting how to get there I had to google it. LOL I know country girl in a city trying to figure my way around again. I found it. Did some other searching for some decorations for the Toastmaster Convention. Then hair color options. Nothing appeal to me.

A quick stop at the hair salon that I like to go to. Got my eye brow wax and I was the last customer tonight. Sweet martha! I like that.

NOw2 I have been working hard on work stuff. Getting all together, entering data and such. Now it is time to work on the bags and other stuff. Man I am like this night of many things cross off but I still feel like I am billion things behind. Time to step off here for a bit…


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