One Busy Saturday

I had a busy one today. Truthfully it is not over yet either. But I am proud of myself. No melt downs. No fits and I got things done. Not as fast as I thought it would go. But tackle somethings.

It started off by attending in Minnesota Excellence in Public Service breakfast brunch. I had the pleasure watching one of my political friend graduate from the program. It was a beautiful program with great speakers.

After that I went to the post office picked up stamps to mail off a letter for a 8 year old boy. It was a bit late for his birthday. But I got it out. Then I went to Jimmy John to have lunch and “reading” time. I liked it.

When I got home about 2:30ish I went straight to work. My room is taking shape now. And I am loving it. It is not done but it is a good start. It is 10:40 pm and I just finish uploading photos to my computer. Yikes.

I am going to wrap this up and say good night. Will catch you tomorrow …


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