Worst Case Scenario

From today prompting from The Daily Post. Here is the question of the day: Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?

After a rough start this morning I think that the worst possible thing could happen is that they had actually had swimming lesson. I waited around for the doors to be open. But I didn’t see the truck or other car from what the coach usually drives. Plus I didn’t see any of the other teachers there. I wasn’t going to hang around.

I used my time wisely and picked up my mom birthday gifts. I had gotten her a flower, cake and a card. It was fun going to pick them up. I had the lady write Happy Birthday Mom on it in teal blue. Just like the style her mom, my grandma, would of done. It made my heart sing for a brief moment.

Now what would a good moment. I think I touch a bit on that but also spending time eating dinner and working on some work stuff. I know I am cheesy and lame on a Saturday night. But I haven’t got any plans for the evening. Time alone is ok to do that.

This is all for now. Catch you later.


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