Week in Review

What a week. I like to catch you all up on what has been happening in my neck of the woods.

Sunday, I had gone to service and then home. I had a nice chat with one of my friends. No fast food day at all. 🙂 Went to my nephew basketball game. They won. Yahoo! That was fun. Went to a wake of a former co workers of my past employment. Sad all of the family to parish in such a way. But I will get to see them some day.

Monday, first day from break and man did I miss the kids this much. My hands stretched out as far as it can. To relate in math terms… my arms were like a ray… no ending or starting point. Toastmasters was fun and very much of a learning point.

Tuesday was a bit crazy at the after school daycare program. It wore me out. I broke my resolution. 😦 Not happy about that. But there is always tomorrow.

Wednesday was another crazy day and I had pop. 2 days in a row with two different resolutions. I went to Feed My Starving Children to pack meals for kids in third world countries. That was fun. I was with the CD 4 GOP so I couldn’t count the hours for work but I still had fun.

Thursday went a bit smoother at work and the after school daycare program. I had a woman ministry core team planning meeting. Very productive.

Friday ended up the work week at a new restaurant that I see as I drive home. It is not a chain store at all. I am all for the mom and pop style place to go to. I would rate it a 6 over all. Nothing fancy and okay service.

This is my week so far! I had mention about my Saturday in another post… So I will save from doubling up. 🙂 Have a great Saturday night. Catch you later!


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