Just not any old Friday

Just not any old Friday. For starters, I thought Thursday was going to be great. Get home after spending time with my nephews and put on my pjs. Work on some homework and then watch tv.

Thursday was the last day of 2015. I hadn’t made any plans to go out. Nor did I really want to. My nephews, my mom and I watch a couple of movies. Okay, more like they did and I crashed on the couch. LOL

Friday I hung out with them. All of the SUDDEN I get this text I got a ticket to go see a movie at Heights Theater. You want to come? Do I want to come? Of course. Quickly change clothes only to realize I need to do some laundry. Grr no time for that now… head on out to watch the movie “Holiday Inn”. It is a classic made in 1950 with Bing Crosby and Fred Astar. Loved it a lot.

The theater itself was built in 1920’s. I personally love this style of movie theaters. It had a pipe organ that can be lowered and raised for performance. Totally cool. 🙂

I now can say that I have been in one of these theaters and it felt like I traveled long and far to do something like this. Thank you Mary Beth for inviting me to go.

My First Friday of the new year is something I will remember. Like last year. Love creating memories.

Have a great day.


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