Stalling is good sometimes

I was not trying to stall on writing since Saturday. I was/am still listening to Abba voice. And I received some words but nothing yet on what to share with you.

No news is good news, that is what some say. I want to be cautious but also know where to go with the information I was given. Most of it was for me to use and not to be shared with. A lot of it has been for me to do on a daily basis.

With that I haven’t really been avoiding my blog at all. Just trying to use the talent or lack of to share with the rest of you. But there is one thing I am hearing loud and clear is to tackle the eating and my health.

I have been more mindful of what I eat. How much I eat. Staying at my caloric intake and burn like crazy. Fun in trying to do it. I know I can walk like crazy and do it for hours. But if I don’t eat right and stay in caloric intake, I am not really benefit myself am I?

I also working on tangable goals for next year. This year is going to be my big birthday bash. So, there are somethings I like to see before on that special day. 🙂 I will post both of those things and more at a later date. (Hopefully before I go back to work next week.)

Until next time. …. see you soon.


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