I am going to unplug from lot of things Wednesday night thru Friday night. I am going to take a much need ROS (Retreat of Silence). A much needed one since I have not taken one 2 years ago to the month.

I wish I could go away from the city but funds have me tied here. So I will do my best to stay away from electronics and people as I can. I will try to post some more things here till the time to shut things off.

Have you ever done this kind of thing?



2 thoughts on “Unplugging”

  1. No I have never done a silent retreat or unplugged. I have had friends do it and it’s really beneficial. But my question is this: will you really be able to do it around Christmas?? Seems like a good time to talk to friends and family.

    1. Well my family celebrated last weekend. I just talked to my best friend who is over seas yesterday. And most of the people I know are busy with their family. I am single and not in the dating scene at the moment. Why not get into tune with the man who is the reason for the celebration?

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