Never leave me unattended in a book store

Never, I repeat never leave me unattended in a book store. My friend witness this. And another event just happen this past weekend. About a month ago a friend of mine went shopping with me. Then we headed to the book store.

I told him I wouldn’t buy anything. But I came out of the store with books in hand. Ouch. Book stores are like Target for me. The 100 dollar shopping store.

Usually I spend about 30 bucks or so. This time I saw two kids at a level 5 voice. Or close to it. As a person that works in schools … I don’t like level 5. To loud. I approach them. Talk to them when their dad was around. Then mom shows up.

Here is the great part. We connected. The kids, mom and I. She was laughing and the kids were entertain. The mom asked if I was “Mary Poppins”? Cause I came out of no where and entertain two kids. Yes I am “Mary Poppins” I love kids and I enjoy life.

Life is good when you use your talents wisely my friend.


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