Ready, Set, Done

Ready, oh wait the oil change place is going to take a bit longer than expected today. Forgot to take my materials out after I got some things out of my car. OPS!

Set for a good walk and got some good deals for the Christmas Tea though. A positive but still needed to get my volunteer hours in.

Paid phone bill. Done. But now it is 3 pm. Finally headed back home to realize that I haven’t started my volunteer hours. Ok. Now it is time to organize my stuff and it is 4 pm. I start the project. But realize I left stapler at school and no paper clips to help organize the piles in each book. Oye.. back to a store pick such items. Came back to work right thru dinner.

Working right thru dinner was ok. Wasn’t to terrible hungry. Stomach was a bit upset. Thought it was because I was hungry since I hadn’t eaten since 1pm. Nope… major tummy attack. As I am sitting on my bed typing away… I feel my tummy doing flip turns. Not a good sign at all.

Church in the morning? Maybe… If I do go… I will not be in direct contact with many. Don’t want to get anyone sick at all.

(okay, time to admit writing for ten straight minutes with out editing and proof reading can be really challenging. I must say that this is one of the longest staying focus rambles I have done in a long time. most of my post I keep it short and sweet. I have also correct and re corrected stuff as I go. But almost at 300 words…. not bad. got this idea from the which has helped me in the past with writing and a bit in the table topics in Toastmasters.)

Ten minutes is up. And now I am done with this post.



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