Quality vs quantity in relationship

I was reading an article online the other day.  It was about a girl and her father in a town just south of where I live. Every Sunday they went to a local restaurant. Dad had his stuff and she had hers. Until one Sunday she had ask if the dad could put his stuff down and the could just talk.

They did just that. They looked into each other eyes and made a connection. And held it too. They made an impact on a teacher that day. They made an impact on me too.

You see, I am single but I have 6 nieces and nephews. I have 3 brothers and sisters. I have a mom and few close friends. I need to make time with them. Make quality time with them.

I miss one of my friend. He met a lady. Fell in love and got married. What I appreciated and still do when we can is the time we spend together. I miss my dear friend B and V. They live clear across the pond and over some land. It is those relationships that I now know what other relationships are lacking. Putting what ever is in front of us down, really connect during the course of a time together and connect.

My nieces and nephews need my full attention. Not to hover but when they come to me. Listen, talk, and be present. Same true for the rest of my family, friends, and co workers.

This is probably not new for some of you at all. But just feeling a little heart string lately on ways to impact others around me. And this has been stirring in my heart as of lately.


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