This is not what you are thinking. When I think of a roast, I normally think of food like carrots, potatoes, bread, butter, and etc. That is until I starting going to Toastmasters about 4 years ago.

I never knew that a roast could be so much fun. The first two years was fun sitting back enjoying the time. You see we nominate the roastee. Then people step up roasting that person. The last few years I stayed behind the scenes. Never good with jokes and taking them. This spotlight was fine not shine on me.

This year was different. I tried as I may to elect someone else. But NO!!! I got elected. The last 2 weeks I have been having strange dreams about this. And it is only a sign of nerves. I can’t wait till this is started. Then my nerves about this will calm down.

Each person roasting me has 3 to 5 minutes to joke around in a friendly manner. I then get up and can rebuttal or joke back about each person. After Monday, I am going to start working my part.


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