Research Now Post Later

Well, I got this great idea. It is being research now and I will be posting stuff next year. I thought I pick out one town in Minnesota I like to get to know a bit more. See how far it is from where I am right now. Try to get that many miles that month or if it is closer that week. Dig in to when that town came to being and any highlights that might be of interest.

I was also thinking of traveling to that town when it gets warmer and actually take some photos of that beautiful town. So, I need to start somewhere tonight. I thought of 9 places and mapquest the miles to that town. The farthest place is just over 200 miles. Closest is 23 miles.

This project might be fun this coming year. And a good way to get physical miles in walking and learning something about the great state I live in. 🙂

Happy Trails everyone.


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