RSVP Please

Dear friend,

I writing to you today for a very special occasion. It is our friend who is turning the big 4 – 0 party. Now it is going to be a surprise. Please keep the details under wrap. All of this is going to be staged and she wont be any wiser about it. Well not till the after fact.

I have enlisted her husband Chris on this. He has told me some places she has not visited as of late and really like a cool low key weekend. Since Kristen birthday falls on a Saturday. He and I thought it would be great to do this. We have the grandparents on this too.

Here is the down low of the event.

8am family outing to the local park Silverwood. She loves walking around the park with the family.

8:15 am They run into her brother and girlfriend. Kristen gets a card and flower from them.

8:20 grandparents arrive. They ask if they can steel the kids away. They got tickets for a movie at 11am and wanted to spoil the kids a little before the movie. Will bring the back before nap time. Little skeptal of this. Chris chimes in saying he forgot they had asked them earlier the week and agreed. You know well as I she hates making a scene. She agrees to it.

After the grandparents leave with the kids. Chris suggest going to a coffee shop then seeing if they can get a message. Kristine is like.. oh yeah you are talking my language. Chris rarely takes Kristine out for a message … no wonder he is a keeper.

8:45 they are at the coffee shop and checked in Kristine favorite place to get a message. Chris already booked a 930 appointment. I was wondering if you could stop at Bru House and chat with us for a few minutes and bring a rose. She will get one by the staff when we check in and others have agreed to bring one to.She’ll get 40 of them by the end of the day.

The last stop of the day is at the Colombian Restaurant that she likes going to…. where we have a reservation of 40 plus people coming. It is at 5pm.

Can you come and celebrate the day with us?

Please RSVP asap. Thank you


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