A new journey

A new journey for my good friend traveling clear across the sea. I miss them already. And yet they haven’t left on a big jet plane. They leave in 4 days.

They land in another country by Friday in my time zone. New smells and sites to see as a couple. I am excited for them. I really I am. But they have become like brother and sister to me.

I know I can hear you question this? You see I met Victor about a little over 2 years ago thru Bethany. Bethany was a good friend from college years at BSU. Well, after Bethany and Victor got married they stayed in the Twin Cities for the last 2 years. Bethany and I relationship grew more so did my friendship with Victor. I now him a bit better and consider him a brother and love hanging around him and Bethany when ever I get a chance to.

Today there was a fare well gathering and send off. It was bitter sweet sending them on their new journey’s and can’t wait to learn what they are doing on the other side of the world.

Have fun my friends… See you soon!


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