ABC Challenge.

It is time again to think of some awesome words. Today I will try to make use after I get done with the alphabet to use those words in a paragraph.

  • A is for Another
  • B is for Boy
  • C is for Caring
  • D is for Daring
  • E is for Extra
  • F is for Faithful
  • G is for Great
  • H is for Honesty
  • I is for Impromptu
  • J is for Join
  • K is for Keep
  • L is for love
  • M is for Mom
  • N is for Noun
  • O is for Octave
  • P is for Praise
  • Q is for Quest
  • R is for Race
  • S is for Stain
  • T is for Truth
  • U is for Under
  • V is for Villian
  • W is for Wear
  • X is for eXtra
  • Y is for Yarn

Here I go! Just another day I thought to myself. As I was walking down the hall a boy was caring for another child who gotten hurt. I thought this was eXtra special because the older one was showing that he was not the villian of the school and terrorizing all the students.

I had been faithful in getting to know all the students at the school. Or at least the kindergartners. Then one day I was feeling extra daring and sat in the lunch room. I am not sure if I will do that again. šŸ˜› Honestly I love the impromptu speaking. I love how Toastmasters prepare me for that. But there is nothing like relating to adults for a couple minutes in a day.

Okay, here it is. Truthfully I don’t think I can wrap the rest of the words into this story. So, I will just end it here. Have a wonderful day. And thank you for stopping by.


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