Staying away from the NO NO’s

In order to eat better and spend less time in the bathroom or in misery. I have decided to eat better. I went with my favorite 8 yo to Aldi’s. Grab a few items for the kids and a few healthy items for me. Celery, lettuce, bananas, and strawberries. Pretty excited about the choices. 1) the 8yo picked out the stuff. He knows what I like. 2) simple stuff and stuff I can make now.

Have you had trouble transitioning to eating healthy? I have figured out that I am sensitive to a few things along with my Lactose Intolerant. So, I need to concur that. Plus less of bread and pasta. I know I can do this as I did this all the way thru high school. All this I crave. With this being sad time to get at it. Changing the way I eat can help me loose the weight I need to and lead a more healthy lifestyle.

Until next post, thank you for stopping by.


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