ABC daily Challenge ~ Day 1

Here is a challenge that I am giving myself to work on from time to time. It is called the ABC Challenge. Going thru the alphabet. Each letter is a start of a word that describes the day. I will try to get thru the entire alphabet for the day. Here goes day one:

Amazingly, Beautiful, Cool, Dreamy, Easy, Fresh, Gorgeous, Humidty, Insecurities,Jumping, Kids, Loving, Memories, Notes, Orange, Peace, Restful, Scent, Tummy, Under, Victory, Welcome, x, Young, Zoo

Today has been amazingly beautiful. It is cool and dreamy. Makes me wonder if fall is really around the corner. It has been pretty easy day. Made fresh cookies. The scent of the chocolate cookies reminds of Sweet Martha cookies. The trees are gorgeous. Some even hinting at the color orange. The humidity is rising slowly… I feel at peace and restful. My tummy is full and nothing is under my watchful eye to clean. I feel a small victory in walking and x is mark to get my steps in before I go meet a friend for dinner. I welcome the young person in me and i don’t feel like a zoo animal.

I hope you enjoyed the word paragraph. 🙂 I know I did in jut writing it. Thank you for stopping by today.


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