Summer time….

Over half way over and I am starring it down. I start my new job pretty soon. Leaving my old colleagues behind and adventuring to a new school and kids. Am I nervous? Yes. I have no clue what the school layout is. I have no clue where the bathrooms are. (Yes, I worry about that. Especially since I drink a lot of water)
Part of me says what have you done this summer? I feel like that I haven’t done much with a summer of the way of personal vacationing time. I have the option to go to my class reunion. But I don’t want to dip into my savings because I am starting a new job and just don’t want to deplete it.

Starting today I will embrace it even more. Take more pictures, be more outdoors, and enjoy where I am at. Even if it is not getting to far out of the cities. I can still see what God has created for me to see.


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