What would you do?

You are approached by a stranger and you are giving $75 dollars to spend. But are giving a set of rules. Here are the rules:

  1. You can’t spend it on yourself.
  2. You can’t save it for yourself or family.
  3. You must have fun giving it.
  4. This last 7 days and once you spend the money contact the person at the bottom of this sheet.
  5. Take a photo documenting your journey.
  6. Journal your journey about giving and what were the people reaction to this. Here are some questions for you.
    1. How do you feel when you given this assignment?
    2. How did you decide to give the money?
    3. Was it easy to give it away?
    4. Who did you tell about this assignment and why?

I sat down and thought about this. How would I react and what would I do each day. Then I began to write where would I spend the money. How I would deliver it and the reactions on both.

Day 1. The day I get the money and instructions. I would be ecstatic about it. It’s about 9 am  when I get it. I would drive over the church immediately. Then hand them money. I know they can use it in a variety of ways. I think I would want them to put it in the youth scholarship for summer camps. I would call and tell the person in the letter where the money went. Then start journaling.

Day 2. Pick up the money in the same place as I did before. I would contact the local community theater I was on board with. I would want to purchase 3 adults tickets. Each ticket is at $20 a piece. And then have the left over go towards a student ticket. Then have them hand out the lucky people. I know they would be floored in receiving this and would be happy to carry this out. I would call the person again. Knowing that day 2 is even going better than before. I can’t imagine the rest of the days would be better.

Day 3. I would buy 15 $5 dollar Caribou Gift card and go to the school district where I work. And I would find out the 15 first year teachers would be and give it to them. A little way to say thank you to them for all they do. I would try to remain anonymous but I don’t think that would happen. The phone call would be exciting to make and it keeps getting better.

Day 4 I would go to Cub Foods grocery store and purchase a $75 gift card and hand it to a church that provides meals on week night for the community. They give so much and some times have to stretch there dollars to do so. There is one church in a town I work would be tickle pink to receive this. Because often than not they rely on monetary donations. Well, they would be happy. I would be honored to do this for them. To bad they can only get this once. Every day with the phone call I say it can’t get any better. But it does. I am expecting that even more by day 5.

Day 5 I would give the $75 dollars to the Fine Arts Scholarship. I participate with the community band and we do a fundraiser concert in the spring. I think that it would be awesome to help raise a little extra money for kids who really want to go further their music education.

Day 6 give the money towards the local police/fire department. I would like to make contact prior to this to let them I want to some goodies deliever to them by this day. Coffee from a local coffee shop and fresh food. Thank you for all the help you do. All I know is that I would be a sap and cry about doing something for our local heros. Yes the call this time would be a little emotional.

Day 7 I would be shocked to not mention that it is coming to the end. Wouldn’t you be? For the last day I would go shopping and find some things to give to a new mom. Then go to the local hospital and give it to them. I think that would be awesome to do. Diapers, couple baby books, diaper bag, and few other things that I could think of for all of 75 dollars.

What an amazing week of giving. A way to look at each giving something from yourself. What kind of ripple effect would happen? Maybe not that day or week. Maybe a week or two or even more. Giving something of yourself is precious and what it means for others around you.


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