Windy Wednesday and my sails are open

I feel like I was a sail on dry land today both physically and spiritually today. It was a windy day today and being outside I thought my kids would sail off. Working 2 hours outside in winds that reach in the 20-30 miles range made some things impossible. Like setting our megaphones down on the table. I had to put it between my feet on the ground because it wanted fall off the table if I did. Kids hats falling off.

Tonight was another kind of wind in my sails. I have just attended my last class on Speaking in Tongues and Healings. I really enjoyed and I wish he was repeating the class again in the near future. I would attend again cause there is so much to learn and dig. Lucky, I kept all the hand outs and the notes I took.

What really amazed me is God presence that was present thru out and guiding this whole teaching. I never been in a class where it was so intense and so fruitful. There was several times where I was like give me more… and a few other times was like stop I can’t take it anymore. I can’t wait to dig into the bible more and keep learning.

Has there ever been a class where that has happen to you?


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