I saw this on my walk.

I saw this sign on my walk tonight and it said “Axle weight limit 5 ton”. Now you can see the utility crew weight out the raised 3 and painted the 5 on the sign. But this is not what got my thinking this evening. Only two words made me think. Those two precious words Weight Limit made me think.

Say what? Those two words made you think! Are you serious?? I am serious and it made me think about many things. Many thing on this great adventure I am on and I like to share it with you on this Friday night.

Weight limit. Not just the numbers on the scale or what your pants says about it. But what does your over health is. For the longest time I let my weight contribute in what I looked like. I was under or at the right size but people took notice and said things that weren’t helping in my self esteem. Which then fed into over eating and not an active life style. Which now, I am on a journey of more a healthier life style.

Whether it was at 95 lbs or 195 lbs. I was at both ends. But what I found on this amazing journey is that I am me. I am who I am. A fun loving lady who will be 40 in 2016. A lady who finally is accepting the way I look and I can change the way I look. What I put in my body needs to feed the body and soul. Not just food and water. But the living word of the Bible. Surround myself with up beat positive people who edify each other. Pray for each other and share lives together.

The most important thing I have learned is to first love myself and I love knowing that at least one person in my life loves me. Where every your journey takes you I love to hear from you time to time. If you would like to see the picture I am talking about. I posted it on Facebook. You can follow me there if you like to.


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