Marching in March ~ 2015

Today is March 1st of 2015. Each month I have goals to capture on Facebook. This month my goal is: Fun month. What kind of creative photos can I come up with in March? March madness? Known for sport tournament, lots of snow, and new adventures. Minimal of 2 pictures a day helps the creative mind stay sharp. It is a good goal but I need to be more clear.

I was thinking of the act of marching. Like a marching band. People marching in a parade. People in a march or protest. Snow or competition. Those would be good things to keep up on.

The fun aspect of taking photos is that creating a stuff animal march. Or stuff animal participating in a competition. Of course they would be really fun and challenging to stage them. Of course just being silly can work too.

If we get a lot of snow. I know I would be taking some snow and weather shot. It always happen her in Minnesota during competition to snow. That could be a challenge to do so.

Do you have any other ideas?


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