What a day!!!!!

Walking machine at work. I felt I had the speedy shoes on and it was fun. My 3rd graders were interesting in helping out on fraction. Okay so this topic is not my favorite activity to assist by any means. I have improved in helping out. (okay just a little) Recess was interesting to say the least. We over came a little issue and that is where I put most the miles in. I am praying for a certain little one to be alright and his momma.

When I came into my 2nd grade class this afternoon, I noticed something odd about my Thursday folder stuff. The class had used some of it for coloring and art project stuff. So I had to go make more copies and work a bit faster to get the stuff done. Oh the joys of indoor recess.

Hung out with some cool kids. A couple of them did well in reading for the amount of time I had set. It was a challenge and I can tell that they don’t read that much at home.

Then off to study and read a bit of the Bible. Remember the last post in Ash Wednesday. (Just yesterday post) I mention that I want to  hear more of God and his plans for me. I felt good that I worked my thru Exodus. Very interesting book in the Bible.

I went to a Pamper Chef party this evening host by my friend Judi. I had so much fun at this show. I kept it tame and did seek all the attention. Ha ha.. I only knew one person in this group so it was kind of difficult to gauge my audience.

This is my day, and I enjoyed it. I think this will get me going on cooking again. Have a great evening/day…. See you soon.

ps I met my goal today… as I was leaving the party. 🙂


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