Taking the plunge

Would you ever jump in the lake when it is -2 with a wind chill of -29? Would you even wear a costume or a kilt?

Some people did that today. My family thought I was crazy just watching for an hour. I guess there is different levels of craziness in the world and I fit right in. I wasn’t the one who wore batman outfits or the kilt at all. I was bundled up and still felt the effects after standing outside for about an hour. At least I had the choice in going home when I wanted to.

What have you done for the name of Fundraising?


1 thought on “Taking the plunge”

  1. I shaved my head for breast cancer once and I kept it shaved for almost a year after that. I have only shaved my head a couple other times and it wasn’t for any reason other than I wanted to. I am not one for diving in water whether it is ice cold or a balmy summer day.

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