I heard the other day

I heard on the radio the other day that they wanted to take away Valentine day in schools and in business. I was lamenting over this. I don’t like the holiday a whole to lot. Because it focus more on the couple side instead loving the whole community. Then I began to think how as person I could change that. How I can spread cheer and love on this day.

I am in the process of thinking of how to give back to the community or starting a new tradition with myself and few people around me. One of the ideas is to volunteer to pack meals for FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN. This is a good idea outside of the school building.

But if they want to take it away like the other holidays. What is that teaching the kids. I think we need to the diversity and culture talk about the different holidays and such. But don’t take something that we have been celebrating because one group or doesn’t like it. I don’t want to participate in another faith base because that is not what I do. But learning about another culture or faith is totally different thing here.

What do you think?


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