Down one Man.

We were down one man today at work. It made it a little challenging but I took a deep breath and exhaled it all out. I prayed this morning. Father please let me be the salt and light to the kids, staff and my co ~ worker. And control my thoughts and behavior.

Now, I almost had to put myself in a time out cause the kids were loud and I couldn’t communicate the way I wanted to with out the melt down. Yes me the adult almost myself in the take a break chair and think how can I handle this better. What do the kids need? What are they asking for without realizing it? I took a step back and realize that the kids need me to help articulate what is going in their world. It is not fun being stuck indoors when it is cold out. It is not fun being in the same room all day long.

Show a little more empathy and compassion. Let your no be no’s. Let them know you mean it. I had a couple kids test every aspect with his cars today. No launching it off the tables or chair or floor. No going into the other room with it. Those were my rules. I had four rooms and I still manage to take the cars away from him and I know that he couldn’t get them back till the end of the day. I know he needs that extra loving and he is just testing the limits. Some kids are like that. I get it. I know that he is also smart and his family is proud of him. It can go a long way for him. I can see him achieving greatness. Jut a little encouragement throughout the days and years. Down the road I will be sitting in the bleachers with tears rolling down my eyes. I will just witness him graduating from high school. (sniffle)

This is why I love being around kids. To be the encourager and cheerleaders. They need someone other than there parents to support them in the learning and doing other great things for society. I feel honor to help them and grow as an adult.

Yes this is my big thought for the day. Even when things are thrown at you. I can rely on my heavenly father to help me get through and my fitbit charger to say hey keep stepping and praying for these kids.

Have a great Thursday Evening.


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