Winter Carnival, Yes Please

Winter Carnival, Yes please and thank you are in order. I had a blast today. I went with my friends Bethany and Victor this afternoon to the Snow Sculpture. Man that was a great trip to do something.

There was this dragon sculpture that was AMAZING! The details in everything was just to cool. There was a slide to go down it and eh.. I dont know… it didn’t look scary or long enough to ride on.

What was fun about this is that I could say that I cross off another bucket list. I think that this year is about doing bucket list. I took a chance and did something fun. I went with friends and had a blast. Parade next year and the Red Bull Crash event is on my list. 🙂

This is my 2 bucket list that I have done in the last month. I can’t wait to complete more this year. What is on your bucket list?


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