Doing a little happy dance!

Have you ever done a little happy dance when you have set a goal for yourself? How long did it last? Did you make a new goal?

I just the happy dance. I am little tired and little weak from trying to accomplish it with a head cold/sinus infection. I set my goal at 10,000 steps a day. 5 miles per day and 40 minutes of active excise (spelling? I think it looks wrong). Thank you Jesus for keep me going earlier this week and me for pushing it hard earlier this week. Because I was napping most of the day yesterday. And didn’t get nearly close to the 10,000 steps today. 5 out of the 7 days really helped.

My happy dance lasted oh about 30 second. But I am sure that if I felt better that it would of last a lot longer and I would of had way more fun. The otc medicine is helping a bit with the head ach/drainage… but not a lot of head banging on my end would make anything better.

My goal would still be the same. 7 consistent days of 10,000 steps and 40 minutes of physical activity. 2180 calories to burn. Maybe week 3 I can add more steps. Starting Monday I am going to add doing push ups to my routine. Oh, Did I mention that when I weighed myself on Wednesday morning I dropped 6 pounds? Something is paying off.


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