2 goals met… Several more to accomplish

I couldn’t sleep in today. So, I challenge myself early on to keep myself moving. I wasn’t getting much in my house. I decided to take it outdoors. Well, I had to shovel the driveway before I could leave anywhere. Built in walking there. Yea!!! Then headed to my favorite park.

I had gotten just over 5,000 steps prior starting at Silverwood. My goal was to get 5,000 steps and walk at least 40 minutes. I did both. I am very proud of myself.

My next goal is to get in a total of 5 miles in. I am at 93% there. Which means I am at 4.65 miles for the day. Calories burn is 2,184 and I am at 1,413. Close on both accounts. I can’t wait to accomplish both.

I would love to get close to 20,000 steps for one day mark. But I don’t see it happening any time over the next few days. What are your fitness goals?


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